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oh i'm john harvard in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture there were fireworks in los long island last night as the second presidential debate turned out to be a knockout drag knockdown drag out kind of affair for mitt romney's steady stream allies to president obama's energized attacks we have it all covered for you in tonight's as today's political panel also later in the show we'll have your take i take it live segment which is your chance to call in a live and ask question or make comment on the years of stay tune to find out when
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to call in for your chance to be on the big picture and internet it's a daily take it's the end of the world as we know it and politicians washington field is trying to tell you why. you need to know this in last night's presidential debate mitt romney told thirty one lies and half truths during just forty one minutes of speaking time a new record romney managed to beat his previous mark of telling twenty seven lies and half truths during the first debate and some of last lies lies were even bigger than those of the previous debate the only difference this time though was that president obama called out some of those lies president also blasted romney's so-called five point economic plan calling it a one point plan aimed at giving the super wealthy more tax breaks. governor romney
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says he's got a five point plan governor romney doesn't have a five point plan he has a one point plan and that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules that's been his philosophy in the private sector that's been his philosophy as governor that's been his philosophy as a presidential candidate also the president tied mitt romney to those now infamous forty seven percent comments devoting his closing remarks to the issue. when he said before behind closed doors that forty seven percent of the country considers themselves victims who refuse personal responsibility think about who he was talking about folks on social security who have worked all their lives veterans who sacrificed for this country students who are out there trying to hopefully advance their own dreams but also this country's dreams soldiers who are overseas
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fighting force right now people who are working hard every day paying payroll tax gas taxes but don't make enough income and i want to fight for them that's what i've been doing for the last four years because if they succeed i believe the country succeeds and one of the more tense moments of the debate romney was caught in a fox news promoted lie when he accused the president of not calling the attacks in libya an act of terrorism the day after they occurred president obama did actually refer to the acts as terrorism and debate moderator candy crowley immediately fact checked romney. it took the president fourteen days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror get the transfer it he didn't in facts or so let me let me call him accurate a little louder can it work that. he did call it an act of terror. unlike the first debate president obama took the fight to mitt romney successfully painting romney as an out of touch corporate plutocrat who makes
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a living harvesting american businesses and sending u.s. jobs off to china according to three snap polls after the debate one from c.b.s. news one from c.n.n. and one from p.p.p. president obama was the unanimous winner tuesday night turns out all he had to do was call out mitt romney's lies so where do we go from here let's turn over to our political panel tonight joining me marc harrold libertarian commentator an attorney richard follower progressive strategist mostly richard follower show and vince colonies senior editor on line editor at the daily caller and great to have you all back here with us tonight. some breaking news labor reporter mike elk with in these times a story actually showed up on democratic underground back in june for like a in an afternoon and then vanished but now we've got the audio it turns out that we've seen several c.e.o.'s send letters out to their employees urging them to vote for mitt romney or else they may lose their jobs during the second obama term now we might know where those threats started with mitt romney in
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a june sixth two thousand and twelve conference call with the n f i b national federation of independent businesses mitt romney urged employers with the end. to make it clear to their employees whom they should vote for take a listen. i hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections and whether you agree with me or you agree with president obama or or whatever your political view i hope i hope you can. ask those along to your employees nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business. because i think that will figure into their their election decision now you know personally if and we will get to the debate in just a second but i think that this is a piece of the whole fabric personally of all these companies were unionized i'd have no problem with the c.e.o. saying here's my opinion and then the employees collectively saying here's our
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opinion and the union saying ok here is more than fifty one percent employees of this. most of these companies are not and i have a problem vince your thoughts on this i well i don't have a problem with the notion that employers can say whatever they want to their employees as long as it's when the within the confines of the law and as you mention you know have been doing this for years i mean they've been telling their guys who to vote for so it strikes me as on tell the guys who were vote for the guys in the union tell the union who they want to support and then you're going to distribute said it honestly honestly it is a democracy as workplaces are kingdoms is a very real difference now workplaces are just as much part of the democracy i mean the answer is you don't vote for yourself this is a question of self-interest for both these employers and these employees of these employers truly believe that these employees we put in jeopardy by the individual who whoever or whatever individual comes in office they're probably going to say look you should really consider voting for the other guy and we've seen this several times and i really don't know what the controversy is that it's that bad we're here is one of the most ambiguous explanations he possibly could tell them if
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you like obama or if you like me tell him you know vote for that guy yeah that's a lot of the kind of like don't hold on a second i think what we saw from that video was romney saying you should tell them what's best for you with best for you would best for your family i.e. voting for me is the best thing that you can do for your family i think if you go further into the actual story he talks about how you know these employees that these employers then followed up by sending out e-mails that you either vote for romney or you get fired and i think that ties them very well to the story that we heard about the coal plant the merc i think it's more the more coal plant of the murray coal plant in which he. forced. force to a higher level employee salaried employees to give money to a pac that was going to support mitt romney they get fired and not get promotions and the fact that you will do that to win means that it's a whore it's wrong for this country to run for democracy mark mark mitt romney was not saying you should tell your employees to vote for the person who's going to be the best for american democracy you should he was not saying you should tell your
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employees to vote for the person who's going to do the best for the world or for the for the planet or for where even for their own families instead you should tell your employees to vote for who is going to do the best for you the c.e.o. and the organization you're making money off of well first of all i think you made a there's a huge leap there i mean i didn't see anything about this that was retribution for not going to how you vote look your employer can be one source of information i trust people to be able to make informed decisions if the employer wants to put forth truthful information of employees it's it's ok by the first amendment it's not prescribed by law does it leave a bad taste in your mouth maybe it does i didn't see anything in that article that talked about retribution i don't think anything mitt romney said was about retribution ok well look it might be a subtle message but it's one source of information if my boss tells me look we've done that you know i own this company i've done the math and i think this guy is going to be better for this business where you work and how you draw a paycheck that might be one thing you want to take into account when you decide but if i as long as you don't threaten anybody i don't have a problem with russian coal plants i mean if i have a coal plant i've got a lot of a couple hundred workers working for me and i know that with the return of the
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obama administration that regulations are going to push me to the center i may even have to close my coal plant that's sort of is a legitimate concern that employees should be aware of because it's not just the self-interest of the c.e.o. or the person that it's in the self interest of the people who world let's call it let me get back to the we've we've all think we've had this through let me get to the actual debate last night in the debate there was a moment in the debate where mitt romney where this young guy said he was in college you know he's not sure he's going to have a job when he gets out and mitt romney at the very end. i will give you a job i thought it was a federal. felony to offer to exchange a job for a vote did mitt romney create commit a federal crime last night on national television and if so where is going to be a benjamin and code thing right form a citizen's arrest right after he had a one hundred dollar bill when the camera was moving away he offered him a job offer in somebody a job in exchange for their vote is against the law is a not totally true but you see what it's like
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a certain type of your oh yeah we can go back to basic min's or right here i don't think there is a real intent of quid pro quo you vote for me is never to know if a guy votes for me not to give him a job theoretically if you do that action you have an intent to really bribe one guy in a town hall then you've committed a crime i don't think he intended to commit a crime is that romney saying if i'm elected president the economy is going to be in a position where you will have a job i love that i love this argument because it is the great drawing of the brother side of this argument is romney says that his five point plan he's going to create twelve million jobs then he further on the debate other parts of the government doesn't create jobs but me as president i'm going to create twelve million jobs and that's like the walking up ocracy and beyond that in the comment that he made about to the student he also said he was going to support pell grants because i think programs are going to span the. the i guess his running mate paul ryan in his budget want to slash programs in half so you can say we're going to run these white website at least that used to be the same and still does in the white
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paper their basic white paper on this and they said they might reverse the growth of pell grants and that's a walking contradiction of the romney campaign they really don't have a message for students and if you go back to the six years that he's been campaigning for this office he says comments like well you should shop around for the best price when you go to college or well you should ask your parents for money unfortunately for the child for the person that has a question last night i'm pretty sure you can ask the parents for the money it's this is a problem. both george will and charles cross krauthammer thought that obama won the election and they are the debate whether you think you know i'm hopeful you know i'm just not good. you know if you say it off. and there's been a lot of talk about mitt romney coming across as a bully you know i was just like you know in your face i thought i thought you know in the last debate he was doing the vulcan death stare through the whole thing you know and it might have been rattling obama at least obama was an opportunity to turn his back on romney and avoid that at times i think he spent a lot of time talking to the audience where he would could do that if your take on
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where you know on who won and what what this means last night was what do you think america is taking home from this debate i think if you're a partisan in america meaning you identify with one of the parties you probably thought that your guy won last night i think that was true of the vice presidential debate and the debate that occurred last you know i what i will say is that obama certainly wasn't the kind of sort of like apathetic kind of despondent character he was in the fall i did before the first debate he had by clearly taken some ambien thinking it was a caffeine pill and that's right because it was the altitude and but the reality was he came out to fight and romney and him i think had a pretty good toe to toe fight you mentioned george will he thought this was one of the most dramatic showings of any debate when it comes to how aggressive they got with one another and i think at the very least americans deserve some aggressiveness because they want to consider the break i want to get a quick thoughts you know i haven't the president of the great job i think he really articulate his point i think that you know this is not the best but i don't think that town halls of the best thing for mitt romney just not going to be true
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robocop yeah i think this energizes both bases i think obama won this debate but i do think you risk i mean this is about undecideds a lot about the female vote this form and i think you core susceptible to turning people off you've got to be aggressive but you can't be too aggressive was it was said something the let's get into some of the exact topics we'll start with libya right after this more of tonight's post-debate political panel right after the break. could you take. three cents for charges free. range lists three. spree studio type of free. will and free blog just plug in video for your media projects and free media dot hearty dot com. or you can get the.
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critics. colors. prime. ministers. coming up. next.
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it took the president fourteen days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror get the transfer it he did into in fact search so let me let me call it an act because you say that a lot of your network. he did call it an act of terror a lot of back to go back to more of last night's debate coverage with the politics panel joining me now marc harrold libertarian commentator and attorney richard foller progressive strategist host of the richard followers show and vince colony's senior online editor at the daily caller and. let's start with romney's attacks over the libya tragedy you just saw the clip of candy crowley. correcting romney
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after claim that it took fourteen days for president obama to acknowledge that this attack was a terrorist attack when in reality president obama said it the day after while romney was still attacking the president for apologizing because some cable went out of the egyptian quack quack quack. in fact it took romney nine days to recognize that this was an act of terrorism so was this huge misfire on romney's part richard it definitely was a misfire is part of think it was any chance for him to turn this debate around and to really put an end to the obama campaign it was that libya answer he botched it so badly that there was no returning from after that libya answer to this whole debate went downhill from there. i think you know he's used to telling his mates but he wasn't used to being corrected by the truth from the moderator and i think it's been a lot of republican argumentation about how the moderator with the moderator was wrong but i beg to differ the moderators job is to be the american people and to moderate for them and that means sometimes you have to correct that what is true
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what's not true well grounded was walking toward her and he said to her i want this on the record like ok you're the news person here put this on the record that i want she's supposed to say ok i'll put on the record but it's not true i mean that's essentially what she said but i've said it actually in a way that was less dismissive and i think what president obama did is i get the transcript of the trial because you. knew right away that he was correct and beyond that i think his answer in his follow up to rob me he made another great point is while we were out here could be really concerned about the american people and really concerned about people who are on my team who died on my watch this guy was over here trying to play politics and i think that played very well to the american people and strong military as it was clear that romney was wrong but based on the phrasing i meet precisely was in the next day he said that this that there was that americans won't tolerate acts of terror right in that speech but what we know now is not just that speech we know the context of the following two weeks and the legitimate criticisms that have gone to the obama administration this debate over the fact that they truly believe that this was a protest that was spontaneous that emanated from you to buy you know that there
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were all there was their mates within the intelligence community that it was going on and it being wrong so now is now the question is the accountability alternately the reason candy screwed up in her role in the debate was because she threw a wet blanket on a portion of the debate that really should have been a much more vociferous discussion over what happened ok i understand you only heard richard you just said that that was his most noted but he but you know but i'm telling you i you know i did three hours of talk radio today and i live and i got all the calls from the right wing talk radio and x.m. and sirius call and all of the entire right wing talk radio all day today has been trashing candy crowley and you know what i was thirteen or fourteen years old my best friend's dad was a professional magician i learned magic we did performances chuck and i and the the big thing is if you're doing a linking rings and you've got you know that you're going to cover the thing with your right hand you make everybody look at your left hand what they're trying to do is say look at candy crowley let's talk about candy crowley let's not talk about what obama said let's not talk about what romney said because both of them are
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going to be destructive for the romney throne for a woman who promised already not to follow the rules and her role as a moderator she went into that moment and she decided at this moment i'm going for the sea to see your ass here still in are still saying you're not you're validating my theory which is that they want as i can see mark i agree with both to some degree this was a softball pitch this was his homerun pitch this is the one mike. yes as they prepared a lot for there's no doubt that he said that president obama said it was an act of terror the day after the question was was he trying to say it was an act of terror and does he attributed it to act of terrorism when i think of terrorists in this context i'm thinking of a planned operation this sort of thing i think the real controversy here is not whether he said was an act of terror but was it a committed by the people we would consider terrorists or was this some act of terror spontaneously committed by some movie protesters but i think they absolutely would it is now we can play the semantics candy crowley i didn't like the fact that she reacted that way but like you said i think the way both the president and governor romney reacted with candy crowley put her in somewhat of a position to have to do something she had to i saw her statement i first didn't
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like it at all she said later i had to move this on these to some degree both candidates here put her in a position where she had to move on and get more involved as they wouldn't really listen to her when she told him what mark i think the interesting thing about this . panel is that what we saw from president obama last night was true real leadership there's a part where he steps up and he says i mean romney they're playing like kindergarten get it on the record get it on the record and the president obama stands up and says i'm going to take one hundred percent responsibility i am going to condemn these acts the buck stops with me what can you try to give them an out say what you know secretary cohen said it was hard for you know these people on my team is that on my watch and they're my people and i'm not going to sit and play politics about it i want to get to the bottom of it i want to get there is that when you look at that particular moment what you saw was the president of the united states you saw the commander in chief what you saw from mitt romney was a kindergartener on the playground and that if you don't rush it i contested that was leadership simply on the basis of the fact that this is the first time he said that in a month and a half. and that's
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a big deal. we'll we'll move it along and speaking of is you know intelligence failures i mean i didn't hear a big debate i didn't hear republicans after nine eleven go on was there an intelligence failure did george bush know something that intel is about let's hold hearings let's investigate i didn't hear democrats and i didn't hear republicans say that to this day i'm not here and that said so and romney was asked last night if he was different from george w. bush here's what he had to say. president bush and i are different people and these are different times and that's why my five point plan is so different than what he would have done i mean for instance we can now by virtue of new technology actually get all the energy we need in north america without having to go to the arabs of the venezuelans or anyone else that wasn't true in this time number two trade i'll crack down on china president bush didn't i'm going to get us to a balanced budget president bush didn't president bush had a very different path for a very different time my path is designed in getting small businesses to grow and
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hire and here was president obama's response to mitt romney throwing george w. bush out of the bus. there are differences between governor romney and george bush but they're not on economic policy in some ways he's gone to a more extreme place when it comes to social policy i think is so is romney more extreme than president bush mars but in some ways i think romney's answer should have been and i still think he needs to talk to the libertarian in his party and independents who lean libertarian he's got to talk about the fact that george bush in no way was a small government president now part of that's nine eleven he had to react to it and we needed to expand certain things i think romney's answer there is the more extreme he needs to talk to his the libertarians he needs to talk to his party i don't think first of all he didn't really answer the questions he talked about policy i think what he was asking it's illogically character are you different than president bush and that's a lightning rod question for him because george w. bush is not popular in this country was it when he left office he stay. out of it i don't think he's incredibly popular that's why he is nowhere to be seen at the r.
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and c. here in the in this anything he's just not around but i think he made a mistake there i think romney should've really talked about his view towards government as i think this is a poll or two polar opposite views of government and you've got to distinguish from bush but he's not that different some ways from president obama except that romney is not a libertarian so i don't see how a good title of terror but he's got to that's that's part of who the independent undecided that lies he decides to just gets himself into being a libertarian i mean not as always last he's got a third party candidate in certain states that colorado specially and maybe arizona in virginia he's got to he's got to talk to those people they made a mistake if they aren't see him again let me say real quick i don't think this was a real debate because third party candidates were not and yeah while i agree with you on that virtual you know i think that you bring up a good point here when you talk about mitt romney and his answer was the root george w. bush i think he's up for useful i think he's to the right of george w. bush i don't think the math because governor romney with the right door to work with this mitt romney is and i think obama articulated those points but clearly you know when george bush came in he talked about compassionate conservatism i guess
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this is like uncompassionate evil conservatism you know he wants to block the dream act he wants to do you want to basically deep on the department of education and on top if you want to put tax cuts there were there similar is he does believe in deficit spending don't let anybody tell you that mitt romney does not believe in deficit spending because he has not told the american people clearly how we plan them paying for his five trillion dollar tax cut and his two trillion dollar military buildup and until he gives a very good one answer everybody just like george w. bush it only got a president since richard nixon i don't know i think the real the real the reality of the situation though is like any political observer with sort of any honesty knows that romney is the most moderate person that came out of this field and he was not the not the extremist or maybe he just pretended to be one for a couple of years well he's governed that way and if you if we have to use any of anything as an example certainly a lot of democrats ministers who would say he did not govern that way that he was he was combative he is contentious he was bullying he was dismissive he was condescending he is why he left. a state with a thirty thirty four thirty six percent approval rating yet he got to run for
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reelection and he then there was no weathered out a he governed a state where unemployment was in a great place and governed a state where he instituted a liberal forms that reforms that liberals actually loved i mean there's a lot of things that were actually appreciate all of that as liberals were promoting that you know romney care for example he went along with the democrats been pushing them for some time and maybe one of the best lines of that i romney had this to say about employing women during his time as governor of massachusetts . it porton topic and one which i learned a great deal about particularly as i was serving as governor of my state because i had the chance to pull together a cabinet and all the applicants seem to be men and i went to my staff and i said how come all the people for these jobs are are all men they said well these are the people that have the qualifications and i said well gosh can't we can we find some some women that are also qualified and and so we we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be
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qualified to become members of our cabinet i went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find folks and they brought us whole binders full of women you know it's a lie the women's groups a group a coalition of an event a women's groups during the during the election process when romney was not the governor he was he was going up against whoever he was going up against put together by you know a set of binders of good women candidates for and supplied them to both candidates i mean romney just pulls this stuff out of his left ear shall we say. winders really really exist didn't strike me as like an answer that he was coached on right like like i was it's certainly it is something he just kind of pulled from the depths of his head and said well that's a good story i should recall the time that we use like these these binders full of female candidates and then he says something like binders full of women it becomes an instant name this is one of those moments where he says things like oh the trees are the right height here sort of like that kind of disconnected way of speaking that is the. is is is that just disconnected kind of speaking the guy that we
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really want to go shooting with the rest of the world when there's nuclear weapons at stake richard not at all times is that when you think that russia is our number one enemy but beyond that point i think least according to ron according to mitt romney that is what i think i think means is right here i think he pulled this story out of his head he should have probably been coached on this and consulted it out on what he should have really said but i think what he should and i think i think what happened is that the present was able to back him down into a corner that he didn't talk with the ledbetter act he didn't talk about fair pay which was the question do you feel women should get fair pay and the reason why he didn't answer that question is because he doesn't believe that last ten seconds or yours this was an audience or i mean first of all i can't imagine get all the way governor you're trying to fill a cabinet not every government position you don't know some qualified women i mean this was something he just kind of made up and it seemed like he was rolling with it all the studies like and then next we got a group together and then we went to these women and they gave us this binder none of it was believable i think he made it up on the spot while i believe his story seems you know nice to get health insurance your tolerance colonnades thank you all
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for the that was. coming up the phone lines are now open for our your take my take a live segment so if you want the chance to ask me a question and make a comment offer your opinions on who won the debate what happened last night whether mitt romney should be arrested for buying votes here or here on the big picture give us a call at two zero zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four he'll be talking to you right after this break. wealthy british sign the sun. is now time to. market. why no one's really happy. name to the global economy
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